Pickers is Tennessee’s first craft vodka made in a state-of-the-art column still resulting in a product with a superior level of purity and smoothness.

The column still used to produce Pickers Vodka is one of only four like it in the country and furthers our commitment to investing in the most sophisticated equipment available. Our unique still uses a thick stainless steel packing, unlike traditional plates found in other column stills, which adds more surface area for the vapor to pass through eliminating impurities. The result is an extremely refined vodka which we are proud to produce in Music City, USA.


Pickers Vodka is distilled 11 times then filtered 4 times before it is blended with premium Tennessee limestone spring water.


Pickers Vodka is made with non-GMO corn and is naturally gluten free.


Pickers Vodka is proud of where it’s from and sought to produce an excellent, handcrafted vodka that reflects Nashville’s distinctiveness.  Our vodka is distilled 11 times through our state-of-the-art column still, filtered 4 times, and blended with premium Tennessee limestone water.  It is great simply neat, on the rocks, with just a splash of soda, or specialty cocktails. 


Starting with our original vodka as a base, we make our flavors using real fruit. This creates terrific flavored vodkas that are vibrant in color with no additional color added, a nose that bursts with fruit flavors, and a smooth, great tastes that lingers on the pallet. Pickers Flavored Vodkas were designed to be easily mixable in all of your favorite cocktails.